Indiana. Jimmyjamma

Sun Don’t Shine So Bright is the long anticipated follow-up EP to Plateau Below’s 2014 debut album, Still Paradise.

Where Still Paradise was a carefully constructed song-cycle, thematically cohesive with individual cuts bleeding into and through each other, Sun Don’t Shine So Bright is an eccentric collage of wild ideas and genre experimentation. From “Predator Drone,” a jaunty honky-tonk indictment of modern warfare, to the somber acoustic ballad, “Green River Valley,” Plateau Below aren’t afraid to display their range.

One connecting thread throughout the EP is songwriter Logan Carithers‘ sardonic perspective on Americana. Raised in Boonville, IN (pop. 6164), Carithers’ lyrics showcase his conflicted, Joycean relationship with the bible-belt values pervasive throughout the rural Midwest.

Out August 4th via Jurassic Pop Records.


Sun Don't Shine So Bright Artwork - FINAL